Hey, so we have a pretty cool and growing staff, so if you want to get to know about us, you have come to the right page of the blog. Welcome. Meet the company.


Hi, well this is me. I am Chris DiCriscio, sometimes people call me Cashew because I’m small and kinda nutty. What do I do for the site? Well, it’s a lot of bossing people around. I started this as a result of my other website, The Dark Paragon ending. I dabble in writing on this website, book the shows, do the photography, contact bands for press, do the interviews, and just oversee everything to make sure it meets my stupidly high expectations.

Favorite bands: Coheed and Cambria, Death Cab For Cutie, No Doubt

Twitter: @chrisdicriscio

IMG_1774This strapping young lad right here is David Rosica. David is essentially my partner in crime for all of this. David runs and oversees all of the Nashville operations. He keeps me in check and makes sure that things are being taken care of, and helps me handle things along the way. David plans the shows as well, and helps reach out to find bands. David is the official driver of the What We Lack Mobile, writes occasionally, co-runs the company twitter, and just makes sure that things get done.


Favorite bands: The Early November, Panic! at the Disco, Case Closed

Twitter: @davey_bum



Hello, Luke Fiadino here. I help book shows for the company in Nashville. Dave and I strive to put together fun, energic shows with talented bands. I am very excited to be a part of the beginning of the Nashville chapter and I hope to see y’all at some shows!

Favorite Bands: Animals As Leaders, The Internet, Balance and Composure

Twitter: @lukefiadino



Hey all. My name is Andrew Higbe, and I’m a writer for the site, and just generally help out with the Nashville operations. My goal is make the bands super accessible for you, through interviews, showcases, and reviews. I’m so stoked to be a part of this team, and to help share some music.

Favorite bands: The Wonder Years, Saint Motel, Neck Deep

Twitter: @higbased



2 thoughts on “Staff

  1. Dave- This is Ed Cornell from latome2. We met at West as you may recall. I am ready to have my Bandcamp stuff featured on your page. Let me know what is involved. I am in touch with some Philly “experimental music” folks in advance of going live late this fall/winter.


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