New Year’s Announcements

The new year brings exciting new changes to What We Lack, first and foremost that we are now Heritage Booking. The name change brings with it an expansion of our operation: we’re excited to announce that we are adding a Nashville division, to be overseen by David, and there are already plans in the mix for Nashville shows with the newest and best local bands in the music city.

We’re also adding two new staff members: Andrew Higbe, who will be a writer for the site, and Luke Fiadino, who will be assisting with booking and promotions. Luke is a Heritage vet, his band The Second Phase is one of our mainstays. Also, Courtney Bellush will be freelancing for the site on occasion. All three live in Nashville, but will be working with both divisions.

We want to improve every day, bringing the best shows, the best bands, and the best sounds we can find, to you. 2016 was a rough year for us, getting caught up in our own lives and not giving this company the attention it deserves, but no more. This is our promise to you to be all that we can for you, and do everything we can to be the best. 2017 brings new challenges, new opportunities, and most importantly, more music. We are so excited for this year, and can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.


The Team


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