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2016 Winter Tour Roundup


From 2016-2027 we once again had the opportunity to go on tour with The Second Phase, a metalcore band from PA who we consider our family. Having some crazy times on the road, including our car breaking down and us getting stranded to having some wild shows in the most interesting places, it is always such a pleasure to be hanging with these dudes. Watching TSP do their thing and perform every night is certainly fun, and you’d think watching a band do the same set every night would get old, it really didn’t.

Connor Martin, the drummer and former backbone of TSP left the band before this tour. That being said, the band and the managers all had to work together now more than ever before to hold the tour and each other together. Drew Mechler was kind enough to step in during this time of need, he fit right in with the rest of the boys. Thank you, Drew for your kindness, hospitality, and going along with our shenanigans. As for the rest of the boys, you were great. You always are so awesome to be around. I’m glad we vibe as well as a manager band duo really can.

We went up and down the east coast, went to new cities that we hadn’t ever been to before, and even got to stop at our old favorite places along the way. This was an adventure, and it was done with the right people. Thank you to anyone who came out to any one of the shows, the bands that played with us, or the places that we played for having us.

There will be pictures up of them playing our favorite city, Richmond VA shortly.


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