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A Day Without Love “Solace” Review: out August 30

Nicole reviewed A Day Without Love’s new record, “Solace.” Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on August 30 for its release!

A Day Without Love is an indie/alternative band based in Philly. Brian Walker created the band as a solo act and then evolved into a full band in 2013 and released their debut EP “Island”. Since then, the band has rotated through a handful musicians and have also played many shows including South By Southwest (SXSW) both in 2015 and in 2016. Brian Walker himself is very focused on spreading awareness about mental health through speaking at shows and  crowd funds. He recently completed the 90 covers in 90 days to continue to spread awareness of mental health, and shortly after they recorded their newest album “Solace”, that will be released on August 30.

Recently, I had the chance to listen to “Solace” in its entirety. The album is a mix of indie and pop punk. Coming from listening to music in this spectrum, I thoroughly enjoy this album because of the effortless mix of acoustic and electric guitar. Walker has a very distinct pop punk voice that fits very well in his music and lyrics. Occasionally, the lyrics  fade near the end making it hard to understand, however it adds to the humility of the music. The album itself contained a few moments where mellow songs turn grungy, especially in tracks “Cruel” and “Green”. Most of the songs, such as “Heart” and “They Don’t Want Us To Live”, consist of a soothing acoustic guitar accompanied by meaningful, thought-out lyrics. In the song “They Don’t Want Us To Live”, a woman sings along with Walker and a piano is added as an instrument, creating a very different vibe from the other songs in the album, but somehow it works with the other tracks. My favorite moment in the album is when Walker uses “I Hope It Ends One Day” to address the issues of race. The woman speaking is very passionate and her words touched my heart deeply. This track is the 8 out of 13, so it is a great “intermission” so to speak.

Their single “Solace”, coming out on August 16th, is one of my favorite songs on the album. The soft guitar and steady drum are consistent throughout the entire song and fit perfectly with the sincerity of the lyrics. It’s also a perfect way to sum up the album; chill vibes with the occasional outburst of the electric. Make sure to preorder the new album and check out the single BandCamp.


Review written by Nicole Perez

Edited by Chris DiCriscio


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