What We Lack Interviews: Danger Club


Danger Club was cool enough to give us a little interview. Read it after the jump.

What sets you apart from other local bands? 

We all come from different places and influences musically, so I feel like that sets us apart. I mean, there are some common reference points for everyone in the band, but we all come at them from different angles. Put those angles together and you create a new shape of music.

What has influenced to write the music that you do?

Bands we like, movies we like, television, games, books, everything. Lyrically, paranoia and conspiracy theories are a big influence right now, as well as a lot of anger over the current state of the country and the world. Injustice and ignorance are things to fight against, so there are some songs which are about that. Also: professional wrestling.

How has your sound evolved over time?

Well, we’ve only really been a band for less than a year, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to evolve. There’s definitely been an evolution from the projects we were all in previously though (Kick Back Tomorrow and Robots And Racecars). We’ve been told it’s like the perfect mix of what we’ve done before, with an additional push into something new.

What do you do to promote your band? 

Well, before we ever played a show, we recorded two songs, and put them up for free online. Turns out that is GREAT way to get people to listen to you, just saying the word “FREE” a lot. We also are pretty active on Facebook and Twitter, whether it’s throwing out show updates, or just posting random nonsense about Chipotle or John Cena.

What are you expecting the end result of this band to be/ what is your overall goal? 

The main goal would be the get as many people to hear us as possible. Anything else that happens would have to follow from that, really. People seem to really dig the two songs we put out, and the newest acoustic track we released. Next step is a full-length album. I mean, it’d be nice to make a living doing music. Going on tour, recording, the whole deal. That’d be baller as hell. But really, just knowing peoplel like what we do is cool

Why should people listen to your music? 

Because it’s fun. Because WE’RE fun. Because music is awesome and should be shared with everyone. Because we make happy sounding angry songs about how everything is out to get you and you have to fight it, and also there’s Bray Wyatt for some reason. Because we want to get Chipotle to sponsor us and that is a noble endeavor that should be supported by all. Because there is a blinking light on top of the mountain, and we all know mountains aren’t real. Just… because. YES.


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