What We Lack Interviews: Brian Walker of A Day Without Love


Brian was kind enough to answer some who/what/when/where/why/how type questions about his band “A Day Without Love. Check out what he had to say below.

-Who is the “leader” of the group? In terms of music or control?
I don’t consider myself a leader, or a person in control, but how A Day Without Love works is , I write the songs and depending on who my lineup is at the time, I bring those songs to the lineup and then we build the songs from there. Right now I am working on LP1 with my drummer Bill Magerr who is in a band called Wyndwood and he and I have been working on the songs and will be working with my former guitarist and current producer Jake Detwiler to develop and build this record. We perform live as a two piece band for now and I mostly work on the management, pr, and booking side of things and the songwriting. So I guess “I am in control” but in the end of the day I definitely have really good friends making this happen and I could not be any more thankful for the people who have been a part and still are helping with current and old records.

-What are the strengths and weaknesses of the band?  
I think this is the first time anyone has asked me this question but I would say some of the strengths I have as a band is I have an ability to engage the crowd and bring people together with sing alongs during our set and I also think many of our songs are very relatable while still being very very dark and introspective? I guess? That’s what the journalists say.
As far as weaknesses go, I think I still have a lot to learn on guitar and my vocals and I definitely need some training to become better and be viewed as a better artist.
-Where does the band typically convene to practice and write music?
All of the songs are written in my bedroom, and then I go to Bill’s house in Manyunk and then we get our jam on and build the songs up from there.
-When does the band feel as though they have found the final product that they can all be proud of?
Traditionally I have felt a song is ready when everytime I write  a song with my band and the song becomes catchy enough that the song not only feels “bad ass” when playing, but it also is stuck in your head. If you can’t write a melody or a song part that is stuck in your head, then it’s best to keep writing so that’s where I end up finding pride in what I write.
-Why would you say that the band is different from those surrounding you? What sets this band apart?
Aside from the obvious fact that there are obvious racial differences amongst my band ( I am an African American) in the genre/ scene that I am playing. I believe my music is a hybrid of emo, folk, alternative and takes influences from punk bands. I feel that I am still able to stay very “depressing” while still keeping people entertained and the songs aim to provide comfort for anyone in pain as opposed to being “the next big thing.” Yet of course, these are only goals that I have. I simply want to tell the story and give back to the community. Also I think another thing I do that keeps me different is I always find ways to help people. Also I think we have been very fortunate to find a good deal of regional success even though we have not been able to tour as much as we would like to .
-How has the band progressed over time? 
A Day Without Love has evolved and changed over the past two years, it originally was my solo acoustic project where I would sing melodramatic songs about my struggles with depression and issues with finding love. Now it has changed from being a four piece rock band to a two piece rock band that has been able to play festivals such as SXSW, Clark Park Fest and achieve local and reigonal press. We have been able to tour in different cities and are now signed to Sounds and Tones Records out in Massachusetts where you can pick up a cassette of Island. A Day Without Love still very much is a solo project in the same vein as Into It Over It, Lady Lamb and many others. But I believe I will always have the support of my friends to be able to travel , play music and give back to the community with the knowledge I gain about the music community industry and spread my words of encouragement with the struggles I have found in my life.

One thought on “What We Lack Interviews: Brian Walker of A Day Without Love

  1. No one asked anything about race. ‘Why are you different’ should be a question regarding your music, lyrics, stage presence, whatever. Fuck the color of your skin. No one asks why Killswitch is different and has the color of their lead singers skin cited as a reason.

    You’re performing music. No one came to look at you, they came to LISTEN to you. I mean, look at John Mayer. He’s goofy as hell.


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