Cross Town Train ‘Start to Fade’ Review


David did a review of the new Cross Town Train record, “Start to Fade.” Check out what he had to say about the record below.

Cross Town Train, an alternative rock band from Eatontown, NJ, released their sophomore EP this month. “Start To Fade” moves away from the typical pop punk style of their debut record, “Short Stories”, and has a more alternative/emo sound to it.

It is very clear that Balance and Composure is this bands biggest influence. While staying ridiculously close to the sound that B&C employs, Cross Town Train does nothing on this record to standout from the many bands that sound like that. The vocals have a very typical nasally pop punk/emo sound, which is not bad, just very predictable. The lyrics are exactly what you would expect from the sound of this band. About feeling bad for yourself, leaving home, being alone, etc.

Overlooking the predictable sound and lyricism, the execution of the music is great. Regardless of whether or not they play typical music, they play it very well. It is very obvious that every beat, chord, and word was carefully selected and modified. Every instrument has its own space and fills it well. It is very apparent that the members of this band work very well together and they have good chemistry as a band.

The standout instrument on this record was the drums. As simple as they were at some times, the drums were always tasteful, original, and creative. If there was one thing that Cross Town Train did better than Balance and Composure it was the drums. Another very admiral quality of this record was the sound quality. Adam Cichocki at Timber Studios did a fantastic job tracking, mixing, and mastering this to make it sound as god as possible.

Overall, this record is good but not great, and definitely not unique. If you are a fan of Balance and Composure or You Blew It!, you will like this. I do not think they should be charging any money for it, because if I wanted to hear music like this, I could find 5 other records that sound just like this for free on within 15 minutes. However, they are charging $5 to buy the 7 song EP.

You can stream and listen to the record at


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