What We Lack Editorial: Bands and social media

Social media has become such an important part of the way that bands are run in today’s scene, and it is how they create and hold a fanbase in their endeavors. I talked to some bands about how they run their social media, and about in what way it plays a big part in their experience of being in a band. Read more below.

Social media is an absolute joke. However, when it is used right, it is able to rope people in, and it provides a means of contact that could not have been made normally. People are able to find bands from all over the place, just by seeing something that they posted to Tumblr or Twitter that they were able to stumble across. Social media especially brings people down to a casual level. It reminds fans that people in bands are just normal people too, and they have their own views and thoughts on things that can be expressed and discussed, and the internet provides a huge base for those discussions, and finding those who relate. That being said, check out a clip what Max from Gottem had to say about his experience:

“Personally I really enjoy talking to people from our band accounts. When I was younger I would always admire bands who would reply to my posts and talk to me like I was human as opposed to just ignoring me or treating me lesser than. It always made me feel more welcomed into a music scene I was so new to. I try doing this on all of our social media platforms as a way to have people feel the same way I did.”

Likewise, it is important to stay entirely humble with the workings of the internet. Remember, that just because a band has over a thousand likes, they don’t have to be entirely incredible. The main point of bands using social media outlets is to reach people, not to gain power through a number of people who may or may not listen. Social media creates bonds between bands and listeners because of common interests, or an enjoyment of humor. Adam from Eunoia told me his opinion on the topic:

“In my opinion, the main focus of social media as a band should be to connect with people.  It might sound obvious, but a social network is a networkafter all and it seems like people forget that sometimes.  If you just post when you’re playing and shove your merch down people’s throats, they’re not going to care or be engaged.  It’s important to make connections with not just promoters and people who can give you shows, but people who actually care about your band, and who you care about in return.  I also think it’s necessary to have your own personality behind the posts as well. This is why in our band I run the Twitter, our vocalist/other guitarist runs the Facebook, and our drummer runs the Instagram.  At the end of the day, we just want to connect with like-minded people who enjoy music that we enjoy.”

Overall, there are several musicians that handle social media outlets in a professional way, however it has been realized through two bands that just being themselves and having a good time is what really engages people. Our company social media is admittedly a joke, and so are those of other bands. Music is supposed to be fun, and social media allows the community to do exactly that through jokes phrased in under 140 characters. Above all things, it can’t be taken too seriously, because at the end of the day, what really matters is the fact that there are people out there enjoying the music, or getting a chuckle out because of something said.

Thank you Adam and Max for sharing some insight on the topic. -Chris


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