What We Lack Interviews: Vertigo


Chris caught up with Brenden, the bassist of Pittsburgh, PA’s very own Vertigo to ask him a few questions about the band. Check it out below, and make sure that you listen to Vertigo right here.

What We Lack: How have you gotten to the point you’re at right now and what do you plan to do in the future to continue growing?

Brenden: So far we’ve basically just tried to play anywhere we can, tell everyone we know about our music, and get the word out. We all came from other bands that broke up, leading to Vertigo starting, so we tried to keep any hype from our old bands going to let people know we have a new project. In the future we plan to try to play more in Pittsburgh, and work on getting our new music out to people through all the different forms of media that we haven’t really utilized yet.

WWL: If you could change one thing about the band, what would it be?

B: More breakdowns. No but seriously, the only thing I would change is how much we can play shows. With two of our guys still in college, it’s hard to really book a ton of shows during the semester. We try to get all the time in we can during the summer, because that’s when we’re most available. We love to play for people and that’s when we really thrive.

WWL: What are the influences for your music?

B: It’s extremely varied for us. We all take influence from very different kinds of music, and have all played different styles with other bands in the past, so we draw from a pretty wide set of influences. The only two artists/bands that come to mind that we all agree on unanimously are Dance Gavin Dance and Bruno Mars. We also get people telling us they get a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe from our music, which is fine by me. We draw mostly from funky stuff and indie music in general though.

WWL: What makes this band different from past bands that you have been in?

B: For me personally, it’s the first band I’ve been in with all male members, so it’s a different dynamic there. I used to play in a pop punk band called Shirts Vs. Skins (we’re breaking up officially this summer) and the music was very fast-paced and hard hitting. With Vertigo I’ve had to learn to sit back and groove a bit, which has been a lot of fun to do because it’s different for me. Our guitarist Josh has played in different hardcore bands for years now, so it’s a completely different game for him. We’re all playing a style of music that’s a little different for us, so it’s an adventure every time we write new music.

WWL: What is the craziest thing that has happened to the band?

B: Last summer we played at a DIY music festival. It was at this small bar in the Ohio Valley area, in the middle of an old mill town. The show was total chaos, from teenagers being served at the bar, to the deeply insane security guy Frank, who we hung out with all day. We played near the end of the show and the place blew up, it was an amazing response and we played one of the best sets we ever played. After the show we planned an Oceans 11-style heist and stole a San Francisco 49ers cornhole board from the basement of the venue. The matching one had apparently somehow been burned to ashes and the beanbags were lost, so they didn’t use it anymore. We decided to take it off their hands. Just trying to help out, yanno? So we’ll always have that trophy in my garage, holding memories of one of the wildest shows we ever played. Long Live Frank.

WWL: Why should people listen to your music?

B: Essentially, we try to play the kind of music we want to hear. We try to take the best parts of the music we like, combined with our own ideas and concepts to create something new. Our music is catchy, upbeat, and every song holds a story in the lyrics. We’re trying to do something a little different from the music we’ve all played before. And most importantly, the music is just a lot of fun to listen to, and for us to play. So if that sounds like something you’re into, please give us a listen!


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