What We Lack Interviews: From The Inside


I had the opportunity to talk to Sean of NJ’s From the Inside (formerly known as Less Than Human) metal core band. Check out what he had to say about the name change, shows, and the future for their band below.

What We Lack: What do you typically do to promote your music?

Sean: I think the best way is to form a relationship with the people attending the shows, the promoters booking them, and the other bands playing it. We have a really great opportunity of making friends with people that we could have never met if the music didn’t bring us together for the show which I think is awesome. (sorry too sappy?) Another thing that is really helpful is to actually go to shows, I know it sounds crazy right but hear me out. It shows initiative and people really appreciate it. Just think about it, why should anyone come to your show if you’re not willing to go to others? It’s one thing to make friends at shows you play, but something completely different to go to shows you’re not playing to see other bands and make friends.

WWL: What changed when your band name changed?

Sean: I think that it signifies the start of a new era for the band. When we started out we were still feeling our way around each other to see how we work together. But after releasing our initial two song demo last summer things just started to come so naturally to us. We were spitting out one song after another and the song writing process had become second nature, especially the more we hung out and became comfortable with each other. I think this meshing together is reflected in the six songs we have written for our debut EP titled “Expulsion” which we plan to release by the end of August. We ultimately decided to change the band name because now that things were becoming a little more serious in the band we wanted a new name that had meaning behind it. Also because looking back at our old songs it felt like it was written by a different band now. So the name change was a way of us distancing ourselves from the old sound I suppose to start fresh and represent the new band we have grown to become.

WWL: What are short term and long term goals for the future of the band?

Sean: Short term, like I mentioned above, we are working on releasing our six song EP that will be titled “Expulsion” and are aiming for it to be out by the end of August. Besides that we just want to play more shows to expand our follower base and reach out to more people.

Long term, we would like to work ourselves up to playing shows in neighboring states. And then one day if all goes well, spread out even further and start going on some tours. Since we finished writing and tracking the songs for our EP we started working on our next venture which will be a full length concept album of 11 songs. We’re going to keep the concept a secret for a bit longer now but we recently finished the first song and are excited about how challenging and satisfying it is to write something like this.

WLL: Who writes the lyrics and what are they typically about?

Sean: Lyrics are mostly a combination of myself, Sean the lead vocalist, and our drummer Christian who does supporting vocals. We want to write the best music we possibly can, which means we all are open to take suggestions and criticism from each other. I personally ask for help phrasing or writing lyrics if I get stumped, and there’s been several times where I had ideas for how certain parts of the instrumentals should sound and the rest of the band puts their own touch on it and it turns into something really cool and exciting. Our lyrics are typically about very personal experiences or topics and the music is a way for us to express that. The EP is titled Expulsion in the sense of expelling your inner demons, bad habits, or vices that you struggle with. We actually didn’t plan that at all, it’s just the way I naturally wrote the lyrics and when I stepped back and looked at them as a whole collection rather than individual songs, I realized their commonality.

WWL: Who is your target audience?

Sean: No one in particular, just anyone who can appreciate music. Obviously being a heavier and more aggressive type of music, certain groups of people will be drawn to that more than others. But we have played with many different bands that sound much different than us and have had a very positive response to the shows we’ve played. Whether it’s mixed genre or bands more similar to us.

WWL: How does a typical show go for you?

Sean: It’s kinda hard to say because every show is different. Some are really exciting and have a lot of great bands on it that we know which gets us pumped up and sometimes we don’t know anyone else but that’s still just as exciting, if not more, because it means we now have the opportunity to prove ourselves to this new audience and hopefully win them over. Regardless, we always have a great time just playing and enjoy it whether it’s 50 people or 5 people.

WWL: Why should people listen to your music?

Sean: I don’t think anyone should because of anything I say. I think they should because they want to and are genuinely interested in us. We realize that with our type of music not everyone will be into it and that’s perfectly okay. If you like us then that’s awesome, if you don’t then that’s cool too because we like us and are gonna keep doing our thing and writing music we have fun with. We experimented a lot when writing this EP and I think the final product will be interesting and is something that is somewhat different and out of the ordinary which I guess could separate us from most heavier music. I think there’ll be at least one thing in the EP that anyone could latch on to that resonates with them. We would be thrilled if you could give it a chance to listen through when that comes out in the near future.


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