What We Lack (Not Local) Interviews: Henrietta


Chris did a quick interview with Henrietta, an indie-rock band from Orlando, Florida. You can like them on Facebook, and listen to them on Bandcamp right here.

What is the overall goal of the music this band makes?
Pretty simply, the goal is to make music that we enjoy writing and is able to appeal to as many different kinds of people as possible. Actually that doesn’t sound as simple as I thought it would. Basically, we just try to enjoy writing and playing music as much as we can.
-What makes this band possible?
I think that one of the main things is that we’re all pretty close friends and we’ve known each other for a pretty long time by now. We know how to be stuck together for long periods of time and not kill each other. Plus, we’re all a bunch of band Dads in our own ways.
-Who do you want the music to reach?
Like I said, the goal is to really reach as many people as possible. As long as we’re writing music we enjoy, the more people we can reach, the better.
What do you want to tell new listeners? Why should people listen to your music or come to your shows when you play around them?
Well, thanks for listening. Thats the most important. Its really hard to get people’s attention, everyone has a ton of stuff going on, so if you took the time to listen at least once, we can’t thank you enough.
People should come check us out because even if you end up hating our music, we could just hang out and talk about video games or other nerdy stuff so either way, you wont regret it.
Big thanks to Henrietta for doing this with us! Make sure you check them out!

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